Bar top in stainless steel

distressed Stainless Steel

Stainless steel remains ever popular with its durability and robustness creating a classy look to any bar. Welds can be polished out to make the top appear seamless and in one piece, and although grained is the traditional finish, it can also be distressed which then makes the look, very similar to a zinc top but at a fraction of the cost of zinc



As you can see there are many options available in appearance, and we have shown a few different profiles to help you identify the look you are wanting.

Where the bar tops are too large to be either transported, or access cannot be gained on site, then some final joints may have to be carried out on site by our welders and polishers.

bond and clamp process

Stainless Steel bartop bonding process

distress process

Stainless steel bar top showing distressing process

We pride ourselves on the bar tops finished look, and key to this primarily is the flatness of the top, which we believe is best achieved in the workshop where the top can be bonded properly, and clamped to the timber substrate, and where welded joints can be polished out to a very high standard to achieve that seamless appearance.