Fully Welded Bars

This style of bar provides you with the footprint of your bar where you can board and affix your frontage directly on to the framework. The framework comes as a fully welded structure and includes a designated service void to ensure all water pipes, electrics and beer/ post mix pythons are contained in an uncompromised void. This ensures that the services do not interfere with shelving or machine void spaces, reducing the potential of damage.

Designed for transportation

The framework can be designed with transportation and site access in mind and can be split down to suit these factors, then being pre-drilled the frames simply get bolted back together once in the correct position. The fully welded frame also comes with cantilever upper bar top supports, to carry your upper bar top with appropriate weight distribution.

Service accessibility

This style of bar will have a removable valance for the brewery to access pythons when installing and the lower bar top has far fewer potential dirt traps, with the required joints having small upstand and capping’s to ensure seamless tops to best effect.