Glass stemware’s displays

Similarly to the back bar display, these glass storage displays are set out with the primary intention to gain that striking visual, and add a touch of class to your bar, whilst at the same time provide a practical and usable glass stemware storage facility.

They can either be bar mounted or ceiling mounted. This decision will mainly be made, based on your ceiling height and the ability to strengthen the ceiling, so that you are confident that the ceiling can absorb the weight of the stemware rack and all that is placed upon it, securing directly in to the ceiling joists is often the preferable way to suspend the display.


Accessible and functionable

Design with regards to the look of the display is always a priority, but equally it has to be accessible and functionable for your staff to use efficiently and safely, and without losing eye contact with the customer, so spacing heights are critical, as is the typical height of your bartenders, the size of your stemware, if an over shelf is also wanted in addition to the stemware storage and what would the over shelf would be used to store and display.



We can provide welded in steel shelves, (with a clear lacquer to preserve the look or powder coated to a Ral colour of your choice.)

Or you may prefer to fit your own glass, Perspex or timber shelves once fitted.



These glass stemware displays can be done in a variety of different materials as listed below, and the choice of materials for the shelves are also listed below.

  • Mild steel (either with a clear lacquer to preserve the look or powder coated to a Ral colour of your choice.)
  • Stainless steel
  • Brass